Smooth Delivery Requires a Robust Plan


  • Our services include a comprehensive review of your project management practices and PMO maturity to identify gaps and opportunities.  Change cannot happen without a robust plan that provides for strategic alignment, talented project leaders, and expert implementation skills.
  • We undertake an assessment of your capabilities across several strata, provide recommendations, timelines, cost, and options.
  • We take a holistic view of your organization's strategic plan to identify how to deliver solutions that align with your strategic plan and will provide the desired results.  Why?  Because we understand that leadership impacts organizational culture, culture links to strategy, strategy matters to innovation efforts, and innovation links to business performance.
  • By understanding the linkages between leadership, culture, strategy, innovation and performance, we endeavour to reduce the variances of practices that impede the smooth delivery of initiatives.  Delivering better results ensures your future success.

Why Choose Us?


  • We have a track record of implementing complex programs for some of Canada's Top 100 companies.  Different organizations have different project needs and levels of support.  Having Advantis assess your project management capabilities allow us to customize options that fit your needs - support and training for your organization, or engaging us to implement your important initiative.
  • At our core is a team with a strong understanding that a creating a positive program management culture is also a critical component of facilitating change.  With the support of your senior leadership team, together we can collaborate with your organization and provide the guidance need to support robust implementation success.
  • Whether you’re seeking a strategic partner to provide an objective perspective on strategic change, to management project implementation, or to provide oversight and coaching, call us today.