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Our Experience

  • With over 25 years of project management experience leading complex enterprise-wide initiatives, we have the expertise to guide your organization's leadership team implement important initiatives.

  • We love to share our passion by helping others that are struggling to implement complex initiatives and change effectively.  By leveraging formal project management methodology, our process is designed to empower your team and outfit them with tools they need to succeed.

  • Given that 70% of initiatives fail to deliver desired results, please talk to us today about how we can provide an objective assessment of your project delivery strategy and capabilities.  To take your PMO to the next level of maturity, let us assess your strategy for growth and PMO capabilities.  We can help put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Our Approach

Smooth Delivery Requires a Review of Your Strategy

  • Our services include a comprehensive review of your project management practices and PMO maturity to identify gaps and opportunities.  Change cannot happen without a robust plan that provides for strategic alignment, talented project leaders, and expert implementation skills.

  • We undertake an assessment of your capabilities across several strata, provide recommendations, timelines, cost, and options.

  • We take a holistic view of your organization's strategic plan to identify how to deliver solutions that align with your strategic plan and will provide the desired results.  Why?  Because we understand that leadership impacts organizational culture, culture links to strategy, strategy matters to innovation efforts, and innovation links to business performance.

  • By understanding the linkages between leadership, culture, strategy, innovation and performance, we endeavour to reduce the variances of practices that prevent the smooth delivery of initiatives.  Delivering better results is how we ensure your future success.

Why Choose Us?

  • As strategic implementation mentors, when it comes to client selection we are choosy.  Why?  Some senior leaders desire to maintain the status quo and struggle embracing change.  But at our core is a team with a strong understanding that a culture without the desire to embrace change is not ready for change.  It is only with the support of your senior leadership team that we can successfully collaborate with you to provide guidance and support your journey to robust implementation success.  Together we can create and refine an overarching program for success.

  • Whether you’re seeking a strategic partner to provide an objective perspective on strategic change, or to provide oversight and coaching, or to acquire unique skillsets and tools to manage significant initiatives, call us today.  

What We Do - Preparing for Change

What We Do

We have over 25 years experience in strategic planning structuring and delivering complex initiatives that positively impact the brand experience.   We typically work with a range of stakeholders and report to the senior leadership team.

Business Model Alignment

The linkages between leadership, culture, strategy, innovation, and performance provide the context in which we assess your business model.  Given that business model innovation is the most important type of innovation, we review your current business model and address the gaps in your strategic initiatives to improve outcomes.  Implementation that is not aligned with an organization's overall strategy is likely not going to achieve the desired results even when implemented flawlessly.  

Having an objective and discrete review of current or proposed initiatives and priorities facilitates more productive discussions among senior executives.  Implementing initiatives that are brand-driven and deliver customer-centric experiences in new ways should be a priority.  To help implement initiatives that generate excitement, we help top leadership teams:

  • Develop strategic and tactical implementation plans that enable and align with your organization's strategic vision

  • Identify the needs and requirements to define scope

  • Assess gaps and risks that could potentially derail implementation

  • Articulate and communicate the overall vision, the implementation plan, and the desired benefits

  • Provide coaching and training to senior leaders around leading change, the linkages to culture, strategy, innovation efforts, performance, and the need to visibly support implementation

What We Do - Implementation

Project Planning and Implementation Support

The challenges associated with managing teams that use a variety of practices is that they have a negative impact on performance.  With an increase in distance between team members across time zones, countries, and cultures, innovative behaviours decline by 93%, and project success decline by 50%.

When your organization lacks qualified project leaders or a talented PMO to move significant initiatives forward through to successful completion, we can provide seasoned project management professionals to structure and lead major initiatives.  To ensure delivery excellence and support, we:

  • Assess the structure, distances, processes, and talent of your PMO and act to eliminate a variety of practices

  • Undertake robust planning to facilitate on-time and on-budget initiative delivery

  • Address complex issues to identify gaps and map alternatives

  • Provide realistic and robust solutions 

  • Identify and provide risk responses

  • Provide customized project management training and development for your leadership team and staff

Change Management Support

Successful change requires formal project management methodology to guide and support the change process.  We review your change plan and provide recommendations to ensure your organizational change plan is robust to deliver the desired results and aligned with your business model.  By utilizing formal project management methodologies to develop a robust plan and oversee its execution, we act as trusted partners to the senior management team.  To ensure change aligns with your strategic plan, we:

  • Address the need for a shift in culture

  • Provide an overarching custom delivery guidance solution

  • Develop tangible, attainable goals which are realistic and measurable

  • Enable effective communication around the need for change and impact

  • Align objectives and provide actionable recommendations  

Who We Are

Dr. Wayne P. Stamler, VP Client Strategy

Having led enterprise-wide branding, strategic marketing, business development, and change initiatives, Dr. Stamler is a seasoned professional with international and domestic experience and who challenges the status quo.

His expertise includes the interaction between innovation, brand value, and sustainable performance.  He is adept at reviewing business models, identifying service gaps, and crafting and executing winning strategies supported by comprehensive project planning and implementation.  With a marketing research background, Dr. Stamler takes a holistic perspective and process-driven approach to derive key foundational insights on which to build and implement practical strategies for strategic change. 

Dr. Stamler's experience includes structuring and leading major initiatives for Cineplex Digital Solutions, CIBC, Envision Sales, Scotiabank, L3 Wescam, Rogers Communications Inc., and Fido Solutions Inc.  Wayne’s industry experience includes:

  • Financial Services
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Retail Environmental Design and Construction
  • Enterprise-wide rebranding
  • Wireless / Telecommunications

Dr. Stamler holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  Wayne is also a credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP) and Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC).

Ms. Sonya M. Rosenwirth, Principal

Ms. Rosenwirth has expertise interfacing with manufacturers and retailers, ensuring legislative and regulatory compliance, providing marketing and sales insights, and coordinating production and logistics.  Sonya has led new product development initiatives for Shoppers Drug Mart, HBC, Rexall, Wal-Mart and major project initiatives for Cineplex and NEO Advertising.

Sonya's expertise includes strategic planning, stakeholder communications, and new product development having launched several national brands and private labels.  As a highly interpersonal, enthusiastic and a process-driven, results-oriented leader, she can navigate through continually evolving environments.  Sonya is adept at leveraging formal project management processes to minimize process variances. 

Sonya’s industry experience includes:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods: HABA, OTC Pharma
  • Private Label and National Brands
  • Media and Entertainment / Digital Signage 
  • Retail: Drug, Food, Warehouse
  • Healthcare / Senior Care 

Ms. Rosenwirth also has over five years of governance experience as a board member and Vice President of the Linden Foundation which operates a long-term care facility with several levels of resident care.

Ms. Rosenwirth holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, is a credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP), and is a certified Long Term-Care Administrator (LTCA).

What Clients Say


I know you've received a number of "thank you's" from various people at Scotiabank, but I feel the need to repeat here goes "BIG THANKS" for all your hard work and commitment on this project.  We had lots of admirers.  Project management training. Project management professional.  Project management capabilities assessment.  PMO assessment.  Project management tools.

Our unique digital installation is unmatched... The senior executives at the event were impressed by the display...  Duncan and John Doig absolutely loved it...  Duncan [stated] "this is great"...    Frank She, SVP of our technology department loved it too.  Anatol von Hahn, Group Head Canadian Bank personally congratulated me as well.  Thanks again, we could not of pulled this off without you.

Eddie Pilatos - Director, Marketing Integration Services, Scotiabank

Cineplex Digital Solutions

Sonya’s energy is contagious!  Her lively and professional manner makes it easy to connect immediately with her project sponsors, team, vendors and our clients. As a project manager, she played a key role in the success of planning and deploying a large logistically and technically complex project.

She is someone who always challenges the status quo, looks for new and better ways of doing things and always believes in getting the job done - the right way.  If you are looking for somebody to get your project running from the ground up and to manage it meticulously, I strongly recommend Sonya.  One of the finest people I have ever worked with.  Looking forward to our next project!

Julie Goodine, PMP - former Senior Program Manager, Cineplex Digital Solutions

Linden Foundation

Sonya is an accomplished Project Manager who led our management team and board of directors through a complex strategic planning process which engaged numerous stakeholders.

Sonya's exceptional guidance, knowledge and support resulted in a thoroughly professional and well-crafted strategic management program plan.  It is evident by Sonya's leadership style, candor, and presence that Sonya is capable of fostering open communication and collaboration among diverse stakeholders.  Her effective " whatever it takes" attitude and ability to keep stakeholders focus on goals and priorities was the impetus for ascertaining and documenting key insights. This strategic initiative was successfully delivered on time and within budget.  I would highly recommend Sonya and would be only too happy to work with her again.

Theresa MacDermid - former Executive Director, Slovenian Linden Foundation

Rogers Communications

Advantis is capable of integrating business needs and objectives into a comprehensive strategy with concrete requirements to help facilitate the work of organizations like Rogers deliver the final product on-time, on-budget, and with excellent results.  I've had the pleasure of working with Advantis on the Fido signage re-branding project across Canada.  Both Sonya and Wayne were organized, efficient, and extremely competent.  Advantis is a solid resource for any organization.

Christine Rinaldi - former Channel Manager, Rogers National Dealer Sales

Smith & Long

Advantis Strategic Management is the home of the most motivated, organized, and efficient people that I have met.  Advantis guided us through a complex national installation for 87 shopping malls. These installations were brought in on time, on budget, with minimal disruption to the customer largely due to Sonya’s design and organizing capabilities.  When our staff arrived on site, they had contact information and were briefed of any installation obstructions prior to commencement which saved time and money.  I would recommend their services to organizations that value efficient project management.

Bob Renwick - former PM, Smith & Long, Toronto

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